What’s a lesbian?

A lesbian is a homosexual woman. A woman who is attracted to and likes another woman.

What terms are used for lesbians?

There are two terms that are used by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community) that they are:

  • dyke: word used among lesbians. It is an offensive term if used by a heterosexual person.
  • butch: word used to refer to a more masculine woman, a term used for less feminine lesbians.

What is lesbian strapon?

The strapon or strap-on is a dildo with a harness, the lesbian strapon is a lesbian with a harness endowed with a dildo with which he fucks his partner up the ass, through the vagina or through the mouth.

It is a widespread sexual practice among lesbians, although it can also be done with heterosexuals.

Why are lesbian movies so successful?

The morbidity and sexual fantasies of many men are related to lesbian women, that’s why their movies and videos are in great demand on the Internet, seeing two women together enjoying their bodies and running for pleasure is never going to stop being fashionable in porn.

What categories of lesbian sex videos are the most sought after?

The list of the most wanted lesbian sex video categories are:

  • lesbian kissing
  • lesbian threesome
  • lesbian licking
  • lesbian orgy
  • lesbian sex
  • lesbian milf
  • lesbian mature
  • lesbian tits
  • lesbian anal
  • sexy lesbian

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